Abstract panel with wrought iron stand

Abstract panel with wrought iron stand

This fused glass panel is made up of different shades of blue frit (broken glass in fused talk) and complemented by hand cut pieces of spring green and Caribbean and turquoise blue Bullseye glass.  The frit and hand cut pieces of glass have been carefully stacked onto a round piece of clear glass and then fired to a textural finish which makes it quite tactile.

The round panel has been mounted on a wrought iron stand which allows it to be displayed and a free standing piece of art.  The total art piece is 28cm tall and 22cm wide.  The wrought iron stand is 19.5cm tall and weighs 700g. The round art panel is 20cm x 20cm.

This piece of art looks lovely displayed in a spot where natural light can shine through it during the daytime or in front of a light at night as this shows off the colours really well.

As part of the firing process, all items will go through an annealing phase, which is the process of cooling down from the top fusing temperature.  This process in effect tempers the glass, making it much stronger and more durable however this is glass we are talking about and still does need to be treated with care to prevent breakages.

I make every effort to accurately represent the colours of the piece when photographing the items however different monitors may display the colours differently.   

I do accept commissions 
If you like what you see but would prefer something more individualised to your taste, please do get in touch.